February 8, 2012

To New Mommy's Everywhere

It took the empty nest syndrome to get me to know this for sure. For twenty years, I thought I lived, eat and breathed kids. That I now know was not totally true. If I could go back; I would not have worked two jobs. I would have asked my family for money. I would have not went on trips, because I thought I deserved them. I would not have went out on Saturday nights; leaving them at their Maw-Maws near as often. I would not have read so much. I would have read to them more. Each stage I was wishing the best years away. I wanted them potty trained. I wanted them walking. I wanted them holding their own bottle. One of my most vivid memories was being in Big Star one day with two tiny babies thinking I really wish they would stay this way. They are so cute. Then something happened I wanted them grown and raised. The chores of babies are not really chores they are what made me happy. With each chore came a sense of worth. Sunday Morning making it to chruch only a few minutes late, now that was something well done. It was well done for sure because, seems the devil was in the house hiding the shoes, and hairbows from me. My aunt told me just as my girls were leaving home that when they are little are the happiest years you will spend in life. I should have really believed her when she said it. It was one of those things you just listen to and really don't realize what wisdom someone has just give you. My baby girl came one at a time. She was so easy I could take care of her with one hand, because the twins took them both. She also had them to take care of her. I let them, too. They were with her many times when I wish I had been there. You can't go back I know. It makes me sad, because I can't. It makes me happy to know that God blessed me with wonderful girls. Gratitude is all I can have for all the good that came in the way my babies turned out. I wish I could take all the fame, but to God and all that loved them besides me; I am forever thankful.


  1. Karla,
    You touched my heart as another Mother. We all have some regrets for the past, but God gives another chance to correct them, when he gives us grandchildren. You can do the things you missed doing with your own kids, by doing them with those beautiful "grands". With the birth of Natasha and Allen's Baby Girl, a whole new world is opening up for you and for Laura. And, you're going to absolutely love it!

    Love you,
    Barbara butler (Laura's Mom)

  2. Oh you touched me more with sweet, loving words. You are a part of what I try to gather along my way; Gathering Life from someone as wise as you