February 8, 2012

I Never Thought......

I never thought I would want to go back to this day, but I would go back in a minute if I could. The times that freaked me out the most are the one's I now look back on and find great joy in. To all parents that call from school that your child has lice is like a nightmare. I am sure there are some that have never had that phone call. My life was full of what can happen will happen. Lice was a what-can-happen moment. I got the call, jumped in the car and off to the school I went. I got my second grade girl with her permed hair in the car and headed straight to Benny at the the Lexington Drugstore. I wrote the check, that probably was a bad one, but I could beat it to the bank. I had to have the shampoo no matter what. I then head straight to the girls Maw-Maws, for her help. My baby girl was at her house; she was not in school. She was only two. In the door with the second grader; the one with the lice. Maw-Maw met me at the door to check out her hair. I have always when I bought anything opened it first thing. Opening the bottle of shampoo was a quick repair to getting my problem solved, I guess. With the bottle sitting on the coffee table open I am prowling through my daughters hair seeing the eggs left by the creatures. While I am doing this the baby girl sees the open bottle and decides tasting whats in the bottle is what she wants to do. She drinks more than a quarter of the bottle of shampoo before I turn around. Not only do we have lice we have a two year old that has drank way too much lice shampoo. Being the great-smart mother I am; I have enough sense to call poison control number. The advise from them is go to the drugstore and get ipecac. I then go back to Benny's drugstore for another remedy that I can't afford until I get paid. Benny was almost a doctor to us, so he assured me that this was all I needed and that Malorie would be fine. Ok, now back to Maw-maw's to comb out the lice and make a two year old puke. Another thing that I have gathered along the way, so what if they get lice; they could drink the shampoo.

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