February 8, 2012

Most Wanted

I am the worst person ever to to check out the local sites that contain people that have been arrested. Now there is the most wanted and even traffic court listings. The Hard Times paper has made many people aware that getting in trouble in the Shoals is not a thing to keep secret anymore. I really do have some compassion for many of them. In life we are faced with so many things. Making a living gets harder everyday. Making poor choices on how to make a living are allot of what the people in the pictures have done. I have in cases made not the best of choices; trying to beat checks to the bank was always one of them. I am blessed to have kept a job and knew I was going to be paid every seven days. There were times when I had more than one job. I know y'all have heard me say this before, but it is really not hard to get up go to work at something everyday. Just doing that can save you allot of grief. Money is not everything. Making a living may not always the job you want. In everything that you do try to be the best at it. My very first job was washing dishes in the school cafeteria. I was there for one hour and shot for washing a record amount of dishes in that hour. I forget how many, that was over thirty years ago. In the factories I fought production to do more than anyone else. My goal in all was to be the most important person in the building while I was a factory worker. The job I have now is finally one that wish I had then. I still want to do the very best that I can. My reasons for this is family and friends. I want them to know I have never given up. Family to me helps you want to be better. Maybe many of the people pictured have no family or none that care enough to encourage them. God gave me that. My heart really also goes out to the parents of young people that are arrested. Crazy, however that in some publications I see the parents and children in the same issues. I will be the first to admit that I have found humor in the how crazy families can be. The apples do not fall far from many trees. The outlaws of today seem to be children of outlaws I recall from the seventies. One famous family that I see the children's pictures of are the same that were bootleggers when I was a child. Bootleggers were a common trip for us to take Daddy and Uncle Keith to regularly. We really did take them; driving before we could see over the steering wheel of the car. Strange that when we went there I never considered the man that came out to be bad. He was always nice to us kids. One that lived in the Nugent Hollow even let me ride a pony all over his front yard once. Daddy even acted like he was going to buy me that pony. Hope was all I really gained from that, but hey for a few days I looked forward to maybe I might get that pony. Years passed and even as a teenager I was sent to the bootleggers by Daddy. I could even go with boys he didn't want me to date if we would run by the Goodman Hollow's bootlegger.  Really not a place a cute teenage girl should have been. The last time I went for my daddy a distant cousin, drunk old man, made the bootlegger mad by talking trash. They; they being my date and the outlaw/bootlegger, put the dirty drunk in his truck and put it in gear sending him down the road off the bridge on the dirt road. It was not very long after that the bootlegger was stabbed to death by his own nephew in Luster Howell's grocery store on 207. Now today I see pictures of his kin folk in the now popular mug shots of the Shoals. To conclude this I want to say another I what I have gathered along the way is, I don't want to be in the Hardtimes, even if I am nosey and look, even though I think that the Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia are LOL funny. Whites of WV

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