Meaning of Blog Name

I am not a poet. I not anywhere close, to being a writter even. I have stories. Everyone has stories. The stories my not be there own stories, but sharing the stories we hear from family and friends are one thing that makes life interesting. I like to look at these stories as a learning experience. In life we gather knowledge from the people around us. We gather life as we go along my maiden name Garner means, to gather. Gathering Life the title to my blog is what I have Garnered along the way. I gathered lots of things from the Garner Family to which I belong and am proud of, even if part of the craziness is not always something most people would take much pride in, I still do. Life is full of many things. Laughter being one of them that makes it easier to get by. I like to think we all have good in us. I know there is bad in some. A heart in some people is easy to see and in others I may have to look harder, but I do try to find it. I try to gather the good from everyone. The bad I see I gather that too. Notice the bad and not do the things that mistakes are made of. God intended for us to follow his rules. Those of us who have not totally followed those rules can now tell you that the journey would have been easier. Gather from God first.