October 10, 2011

Mt. Zion Ghost Story

Mt. Zion Ghost Story
Mt. Zion is located north of Bonnertown Tennessee, just off the Rabbit Trail Road. This is a place where many teenagers have wasted many hours socializing to the wee hours of the morning. For nineteen year old girls that had spent many nights with their friends sitting on the swinging bridge that crossed the creek, fear was something that they did not feel. The two had been to the graveyard and walked around many times. A typical date was something that may end peeking in the windows of the old church behind the cemetery. The swinging bridge was a perfect place to hash out troubles that teen girls faced. It was late September and both had started to Junior College. Neither of them certain of what the future held for them. This was the perfect place for them to cry on each other’s shoulders about the terrible way their boyfriends were treating them. For one of the girls their parents were way too critical of her and the other with a single mother that at times cared more about herself than her daughter.
The girls drove the gravel road that led to Mt. Zion Church. It was way past midnight when they parked the car as close to the creek as the terrain would let them. They got to the bridge and sat as they had many times. They sat and talked in the dark for over an hour. The night seems to be no different than the others. They heard no cars coming down the gravel road or no voices of people walking in the woods, just the two girls with their arms around the cable of the wooden swinging bridge. Water was running down the creek and making the usual calming sound.
In the dark the noise that started in the distance was very noticeable. The sound was as if someone was running in the creek a long way from where the girls sat talking. It was not long till the sound of running was getting closer and closer. The closer it came the louder the stomping, splashing sound became. The size of who was running down the creek seemed huge by the sound of rocks as each stomp was made. It did not take either girl to tell the other that is was time to run to the car when the noise was close enough to see, that nothing was there, but the noise, splashing and rocks flying.
They had sat just less than half way across the bridge and ran to edge in no time. The sound then was as if it had jumped from the creek onto the bank just as they had reached the end of the bridge. The first girl ran without contact of what it was; the second girl could sense that it was something behind her. They reached the car and as the second girl touched the car door handle a force that seemed as arms reached for her; the way it grabbed her was as if it’s arms when through her. The sound as whatever grabbed was as if the wind was swishing through her. The car was started by the first girl as the second got in and they speed away, from what it was that chased them away from Mt. Zion that autumn night.

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