September 12, 2011

Black Kettle Ethics

Chicken Stew is a Labor Day given in the south. It takes on important tool to make the best chicken stew, that is the big black kettle. In our family the black kettle was a family treasure. It was a given if the kettle was borrowed and not returned you were pond scum. If something happened to the kettle you were to replace it with the same sized exact kettle. This happened once to a kettle in our family. The in-,law borrower let the precious kettle fall out of the back of a pick-up truck. The kettle hit the pavement breaking a v-shaped four inch hunk out of my uncles kettle. The person UN-educated to the severity of this crime has never been forgiven for returning the kettle with the piece missing. Note: It really does matter how you return a family heirloom

1 comment:

  1. It surely matters when things aren't returned as borrowed. Sometimes a family member seems to claim it as their own and you have to ask for it back, from personal experience.