August 30, 2011

August 30th and 31st

I have two birthdays. This is what all the people that love me know. The truth is I really don't know which day it is, for sure. Mama always celebrated my birthday on August 31st. When I was older and my birth certificate was re-ordered. I guess re-order is what you do to get another one; The date of birth was August 30th. So, this gave me reason to say I have two birthdays. The joke is that Mama wasn't all there and had the papers to prove it. That sounds like a terrible thing to say, but it is said with a great amount of endearment. I mean all the Nanny stories are stories that are told with the great amount of love we did have for her. The time she chased my friends around my house with hedge clippers is one of the best. Even the subjects being chased were not really upset. This being one of the times that I told them, "don't tell me, what I don't know she does is not going to bother me. The clippers and my two birthdays are something that you just had to know and love my mama to fully get.

 If I really have two, today I would be ninety-nine years old. Tomorrow I will be 100, is that right? That really is not as important as the fact today, I am according to the state of Michigan 50 years old. Fifty, the big 5-O, over the hill, grim reaper, black balloons and pink flamingos. Really of all the people that turn 50 I am the one that should and would take it real serious. Looks and youth have always been really important to me. I really do look in the mirror allot. Vain is really an understatement as a definition of how I have always perceived myself. Fishing for compliments has always been part of what I do; Just ask my three girls and My. This is how eat up with me I can really be. I know Jimmy O didn't know today was my birthday, but it seemed what was playing on the morning show this morning was just for me. 867-5309 was one of the songs that was part of a very happy time in my life. The Celler Door was just across the stateline above Lexington. This place was at one time a rockin' good time for us as young adults. That song, 867-5309 was a juke box favorite of mine. Then there is my air guitar to ZZ Top's, Sharp Dressed Man. It is said that in a life time you should fall in love as often as possible. I can say maybe I haven't, but I know there are at least four people out there that would love to be married to me, today. One of them proposes still everytime I see him. Man am I vain or what. That is making being old not matter so much. The friends and loves we make along the way. The family that we have no matter what. Unconditional is the greatest of any kind of anything. In fifty years there are more good things than bad. Life, when you look at things in a positive manner, even bad times can bring good times. Go all the way back as far as I can remember and my memories of just the way the air felt on a certain memorable day, can make it seem brighter. That is something I seem to forget sometimes along the way, being happy just from the breeze stirring at a particular moment. In fifty years I am not the smartest person, but I have gathered some knowlegde that I wish I knew when I was 25. Wish I knew then what I know now. I know that the small things need not be taken to heart. What people say really doesn't matter too much. How you make someone feel is one of the most important things ever. In my next 50 years I will be thoughtful enough to spread around all the good I have gathered along the way. I can do this.............Now I am just dying to get to Facebook. My daughters are telling me that I am getting the bestest of birthday wishes ever. I really feel bad since it has been forever since I looked at my wall and I am going to take a special trip just to see my, Happy Birthday's on there. What can I say.........

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  1. A Belated Happy Birthday, Laura! I hope you had a good one(s).lol
    Laura, when you reach my age (70), you begin to wish you could do it all over again and get it right 'this time'.
    I enjoyed reading your post.