January 27, 2012

These People are for Real

Not So Good Mood

The Hardtimes, QuadCitiesDaily and Law and order are full of these same folks. Not only are they pictured often; some of them I think I knew as a child. Google, The Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia; it is crazy the likeness this family has to many in our area. The Johnny Knoxville interview is touching when he speaks of the tragedy the White family members have experienced. Johnny goes on to say that, they brought most of the bad things that happened upon themselves. Many of the clips that I watched and the documentary on Showtime reminded me of things that the drinkers of my family did. When I watched and saw the way they told the stories, I was aware that I had told stories that were very similar. To watch these women telling the stories; the way they told them made me flush. I realize that mine were not so different and that I had told them with pride many times. My point being should I really share the uglyness? Do people really care?

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  1. If we don't have family that fall into this category, we certainly have friends. This too is part of life...