October 12, 2012

If you never learn the language of gratitude, you will never be on speaking terms with happiness.

Gratitude is something that I have for the circle of friend that helped me so much with my daughters. I basically may have taken advantage of their friendship more times than I deserved. I let them do anything that they would to help me. I rarely ever see them now, but still love them all dearly. Close friends are a special blessing, but even those that are not so close that support you from a distance are still deserving our gratitude. I was alone raising my girls; even when I was married. All that is not even worth the time it would take to type and has nothing to do with the love I have for my click of friends. Seems that my car always had something wrong with it; as did the lawn mower and anything else that could possibly break. The only time you miss windshield wipers are when it is raining. So the Monte Carlo that I was driving just so happened to while it was raining decide that it's wipers no longer wanted to work. The motor went totally out on them. Their were three of us that all had a Super Sport Monte Carlo. They were all alike except for color; mine was white Belinda's was black and Pam's was maroon. We thought we were the shiz-nit in those cars; line 'em up is what we did. At the ballgames they were all parked side by side. I am sure this bugged the shit out of some people. Clicks are not the most liked thing in a small town. The fixing of any car was a big problem for me, I had no money or anyone to fix it for that matter. Belinda and I were willing to try anything to make the best of not having men to help us. The first thing find a windshield wiper motor at Richard Thornton's junk yard and find someone to sweet talk into putting it on my Super Sport or maybe this would work. Belinda had the same car all we had to do was park the cars side by side and go from there. This is what we did one Sunday morning. Taking mine off was not that hard. The hard part was placing the new one in the right spot for the screws to line up. Belinda and I went from my car to her car until we had the used motor on my White SS, by looking at the one on her black SS. It worked for a while, but I did end up having to have my brother tighten things up better than Belinda and I did. It still was almost fixed by a couple of smart single women.

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  1. can you please tell me the origin of the title of this piece?... who are you quoting?... please respond to me at: maia3maia@hotmail.com

    thanks... love and hugs, maia