October 11, 2012

Thick as Thieves

Life is a wonderful thing. The people in our lives may come and go, but friends are really what makes it great. Not only people we consider close friends, but just people in general. The time may pass and we may have went in different directions, but there is a time in my life that I had the bestest most wonderful circle of friends. I consider these times the happiest times.
     We were "thick as thieves". We were at times even literally thieves. It was always a thing that if one of us had a doo-dad that we really liked or just bought one of the five in our click would take it and display it in their house. The person that had been robbed of the item would come to visit and there would be the doo-dad. We did this with a Santa figure of Denise's till she was ready to whoop us. She would stop by and there would be her Santa at one of our houses.  She would take it home and one of us would take it home to place in our livingroom again.  That Santa was practically worn out by Christmas.

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