October 11, 2012

Just a Couple of Random Thoughts

*Will you go to hell for taking extra Sweet and Low from eating places?
*Am I littering when I throw the top bun off of a double cheese burger out the car window?
*What about eating one french fry and throwing a few out, so you won't eat a whole order of fries, is that littering?
I look at it as I am feeding the wildlife.
(I may re-think this, it could cause them to get hit by a car, if the bun or fries land on the road.)
*Are Hoarders and Pickers the same?
Pickers don't save their poop and pee in bottles; You got to catch a bit of the past Hoarders episode, craziest thing I ever seen.
*Is it wrong to take the change out of your kids cars? They are watching me get it, most of the time.
*Why do the people on facebook that talk about their meds, always use, caps lock and lots of comma's?
What is it with the WHOOP!,,,,WHOOP?

Am I weird because I love these shows?
*Family Guy, cartoon version of Archie Bunker.
*Weeds ended, I am so disappointed. I now carry a to go cup around with me everywhere, just like Nancy. Put watching Weeds on your to do list, HBO On Demand.
*Shameless, please come back on, the greatest premium channel show ever. I tried and tried to get my girls to name their girls Fionia; they would not hear of it. They said that was from Shrek.

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