February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day and Being Bullied

Let me see; I have had good ones and not so good ones that has never stopped me from looking forward to this day. I really was pissed the year I was having the twins, when my ex didn't send me flowers to work on Valentine's Day. The sewing factories on that day were filled with flowers. We all waited for our name to be called to come to the office. That annoucement meant you were coming back with a bauquet. My name did not get called that year and my husband got called by anything but his name, by me.
I always loved it when we did the little notes in grammar school. That was one of the things that I got to participate in when there were many activities that I did not. Grandmother did always make sure that we got the box of Valentine cards for our class. I chose each one carefully. I gave the best one's to my best friends. I gave the good ones to the kids in my class that I really wish were my best friends. Then there was the chance to correspond with that little boy that never paid attention to me; the cute one that I admired from a distance. This was a way of maybe he would know who I was. My crushes were always on the boys that were better than me. I was in love with Johnny Hall from the first day he came to Lexington. He talked to me maybe four times in twelve years. I didn't forget he did, but I don't remember what he said. Howard Hyche was another one. Then there was James Hardy. He knew it because I think I literally ran chasing after him a couple of times. John Wayne Masonia, cutest guy ever, but he was younger than me. He later became one of my best friends. Then there was dang, I forget his name, ah, flip Alex Barnett. He thought I was a little brat. The high school hallway was the step up for boy watching and following. My friend Dwan and I had that game down pat. She loved David P. My friend Sandra always liked Travis. We all had one we wanted to meet as we walked around and around for ten minutes at 1 o'clock every day.

Joan always had a boyfriend. She was probably the hottest one of all of us.

She was tough, as well as hot. When we played Murder Ball/Dodge Ball, she could knock you down with the ball. The craziest thing that happened during the end of our high school career was when Joan tied up Janet R in the girl’s bathroom. Joan and Kim tied her up with tape or gauze, maybe both, I don't remember. This was during the long break at one in the afternoon. She was lying in the bathroom floor and could not get up. There were many girls willing to untie her, until Joan said if they did she would whoop their butts. It may have been tying them up, whichever one, they were afraid of Joan or her mouth. It may seem that today we have more serious things happen in our schools, but thirty years ago there were bad girls, too. The Rogersville fight made me remember this story. We talked a lot of smack about whooping someone, but I only had one fist fight the whole time I was in school. This was not at school, either. My fight was when I stopped the car and fought with my friend that was riding with me. My brother and her brother were in the back seat while we jumped out of the car and went at it on the side of the road. It was just before you get to the curve at what we called our Mandy Farm. When we finished the fist fight we got back in the car and drove her and her brother home to Whitehead. That was the end of that fight. Bullying went on then, also. I was bullied by boys more than girls. I still remember being called ugly and being told "I hate you", by Randall. He is really nice to me today, but he was a mean little boy. There were drugs, but mainly pot. Many people still have not decided if pot is a good thing or a bad thing. Pills were really not an issue. There were some that would take Sinus Medicine, because it pepped them up. The drug incidents at Lexington during school hours were small. On homecoming one time my boyfriends friend got his truck searched for pot, but I don't think they found any. Then there was once when a girl came staggering down the hall from taking something, she didn't even know what she had taken. My guess is valium or Qualuids. She was not sent to re-hab or kicked out of school. It was not as bad, so the punishment was not so bad, I guess. I do not remember Opiates being mentioned, in high school,  they probably had not been invented yet. We really need to realize that kids will be kids and pay close attention to what they are doing. Never think mine won't, you never know.

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