August 20, 2012


This weekend was the beginning of a new chapter in my life; I am now a Grandmother. Granma is what I have chosen as my title. Grandma is what we called my Yankee grandmother. When we said it came out "Granma". That is my different strange way of picking things. My brother does not need to know the reason I chose this, because he has no use for the Yankee side of our family. I am totally a family oriented person. I take the good with the bad.  Families are a really entertaining subject if you watch them the way I always have. Getting the in-laws and out-laws together for the birth of a child can turn into an interesting gathering. Being nice is something that is easy to do for me, most of the time. Oh, but then there are those that really can't control their mouths. My pack of M & M’s that I ate at 3 am, according to my ex-husband's wife was going to make me as big as the vending machine. I am not even going to mention the reason’s she don’t have room to talk about my appearance. Let me just say one thing, Levi’s. I just grinned and said nothing. I don't have the greatest amount of affection for my ex-husband, but am I really supposed to? I thought that finding my own little spots to hangout was not too obvious. My brother’s wife that I pouted for her to come keep me company; said I wasn’t fooling anyone. The waiting room down the hall was great, I used the, “I want to watch Family Guy, not football excuse.” Earlier in the wait to be Granma I found the breast feeding room. My daughter found me, but that was fine; she liked hiding with me. That was the perfect hiding place. I have been known to not be nice; but in these cases just me being is all I have to do, so I have gathered along the way, to just stay out of the way. Grin and nod is a great way to deal with people you get trapped with. I just wished I could have done without gathering M&M’s at 3 am that morning.


  1. Keep eating those M&M's, they'll only make you sweeter and keep an extra pack in your pocket for that new grandbaby who will be old enough to eat them before you know it. Congrats on the new'll be a terrific granma!

  2. I plan on it, even if someone thinks I am as big as a vending machine. You are so right, time flies way to fast. Thank you so much!!!
    I was glad to see you blogged again after a while. You are great at it, BLOG ON!!!