August 20, 2012

Tears of Joy

My older girls are twins.  When they were babies; this may have been just imagined or something we wanted to believe to have happened. I had always heard that one twin could feel the others pain or joy. The bound between my twins is very tight. They are best friends. At six months the younger of the two was put in the hospital. Her sister was at home with her grandmother. My baby that was in the hospital was given a shot at two in the morning, she of course cried in pain from the shot. Her twin that was at home woke up at the same time crying; it could have just been a coincidence, but it has always made us wonder. The bound between the two of them whether it is mystical or not is still touching. The younger of them had her first child on Friday. This bound was just as evident on Friday as it has ever been. She did not feel her sister's labor pains or anything that dramatic; I am here for you and concern was more than just the normal. We all sat outside waiting for the announcement that Preslie had been born. The door opened and my son-in-law let us thru the double doors. He went into the nursery rounded up the newborn and brought it to the window. He opened the curtains to see Aunt Jesse on her knees arms spread chanting "Aunt Jesse's here", all at the same time knocking the others out of the way. The window only wide enough for a few to stand directly in front of, she was crying as she called to her newborn niece. To hear my son-in-law tell what he seen is priceless. He says that the look on her face was the ugliest cry face he had ever seen. She was crying so hard that, in his words the tears were not streaming down her face they were squirting out and splashing off the glass window of the nursery. I am two or three feet behind her and can't see her face, but am shocked by her being on her knees, arms spread and the sound of her sobs as she tells her niece that Aunt Jesse is here. The sight is enough without seeing her face as Allen describes the squirting tears and ugly crying face. The love we all have for one another is amazing. It is a gift that many families do not share. The love is deep, between us all, but deeper between my twin girls.

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  1. I was so touched to see that bond between them. The love they have for each other was so evident. Natasha needed her there and Jess needed to be there. I remember hearing her sobs and calling out to sweet fact I have it all on my video!! So, so sweet.
    Congratulations Karla! We have two beautifuland wonderful kids that have given us a beautiful granddaughter! Love and hugs!!