August 15, 2012

Around This Town

On my drives to work or anywhere; I am amazed at the strange things that I see. It is not common to see men not wearing a shirt on Court Street. Well, yesterday morning I saw one. What makes a man at 7:45 in morning walk half naked downtown? This was not a jogger. This was a man that should have been wearing a shirt with his blue jeans. He was a tad overweight and older. He looked lost. Here I go making up a story just by seeing someone walking around this town. Homeless; that may be another thing that caused him to not be wearing a shirt. Are there more homeless people in the Shoals than I realized? The people I see that appear to be down on there luck are the same four or five. I start seeing them each morning close to the Fire Station in North Florence. There was one guy dumpster digging in a dumpster, Monday morning. The lady with long hair; I have not seen her all week. I noticed the McDonald's coffee drinker walking pushing a grocery cart one day last week. If there are four or five, from there to O'Neal Bridge, there must be more in the four cities combined. I am just, saying. Around this town there is also the Hoarder Car. That car is all around this town. I think it's owner lives around North Florence, because I see it more in that area. It was parked on the street, at a house behind Peck hardware one day I had to detour. Detour is something that happens alot in that area. You know I can get lost in a residential area quicker than anywhere. I have even seen "The Hoarder" car at Walmart in Muscle Shoals. The first time I saw it I took pictures, because I thought this is what the "People of Walmart" drive to Walmart. The car is an old brown Linclon and has trash to the ceiling, really. "The Hoarder" car is the name I have given it. The skinny guy in the white crisp shirt and brief case I know walks a ways every day. I see him by the candle shop; then some mornings he has made it to PSI by time I come by. My thinking of him is he dresses up everyday like a lawyer and may just roam around downtown. Sorta like Lola in the song; "she wore flowers in her hair and her dress cut down to there." I know this may be far from what he really does, but he is my character. He may really have a job? Yard Art, that is when people over decorate their yards with dollar store statues. I try real hard not to do that, but some of those birds and frogs are hard not to buy. Rocks; I love rocks for boarders around my flowers. I have two containers with Lake Tahoe rocks out by the pool. I have shells that I picked up at different beaches. I am saying all this to tell of a thing I notice 'bout everytime I pass this house. There are rocks and rocks and rocks all in front. They make a wall of sorts, but WTH, maybe it ain't finished yet. The whatever "Yard Art" the home owner is going for. Another thing I gather around this town and along the way.


6 Drinks that Fight Age


When to Drink: At the Alarm

Guzzle water. Hydrating will help beat that groggy feeling and make your skin look its glowy best (both now and later in life), says David E. Bank, M.D., a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York.
When to Drink: At Breakfast
Coffee may help your heart and (if you take it black) metabolism, and it reduces risk for some types of cancer, studies show.
When to Drink: At Lunch
Sip tea. Green kick-starts metabolism and can help fend off breast cancer, says Jonathan R. Cole, M.D., medical director of the California Health and Longevity Institute. Black may lower blood pressure, research from the University of Western Australia suggests.
When to Drink: P.M. Snack
Hot cocoa (have it over ice if you can't take the heat) has more antioxidants than does coffee, red wine or green tea, a study from Cornell University reveals. Great for your heart and skin.
When to Drink: At dinner
Enjoy a glass of red wine: Piceatannol, a compound your body makes when you drink vino, could stunt fat-cell growth (woot!), the Journal of Biological Chemistry reports.
When to Drink: Before Bed
Grab milk-your skeleton will love the calcium, and your muscles will love the protein. You'll wake up even stronger.

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