November 20, 2013

Life really is not easy. Humans make it that way. In a perfect world we would all live in harmony. We would go by Gods plan. Gods plan even though perfect still contains death. Death to the living is terrible. This means we loose. Selfishness, mainly. I live my life to not come across as selfish. This possible has made me feel sorry for myself. I may not be selfish, but I do wonder sometimes how others are handed great material things with no effort what so ever. Just because they belong to who they belong to. I have and I know I am not wrong about this; I have worked harder and done without more than just about anyone I know. Of course, I don't know anyone that lives in a box. I was once as close to homeless as you could get. I was in kindergarten. I knew there was a man coming to the house trying to get my daddy to pay on our house. At my very young age, I realized that the amount of the payments were $80. He may have only came a couple of times. I have a great memory of my childhood, but am not sure how many times or how far behind the mortgage was. It was enough that on the one day I came home from kindergarten that all of our furniture was in the yard. My daddy was no where around. Mama was in her fur coat. The one that reminds me of the song, Copacabana. She wore that coat in the house, that had no heat most of the time. Which means it was really cold because we lived in Wayne, Michigan.
There were the times we went to the grocery store and she had to put things back because the welfare check was not enough to pay for what she had put in the buggy. Most of the time she sent me back to put it up. I would in later years experience this for myself. Mine, however was the whole buggy, because a check had been sent back and Big Star would not take a check from me until I paid the one they were holding. This is one of the things that makes me know that as long as you are still breathing, nothing can not be fixed. It is easy, get up, get dressed and do something. Go to work everyday at something. That is part of the adventure.

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