November 19, 2013

Family Fights

We were not the most loving family in the world. It has however, been so long that I have actually seen someone slap another family member at a family gathering that family disagreements are a small thing really. This being because it was nothing for Grandmother and Mama to have a slapping match in the kitchen while they were cooking. Hey, it might be interesting if we had an old fashion Garner slap fight, just for old times. It was common for Daddy and Uncle Keith to fight; I mean fist fight every night after supper. The pinto beans would be all over the floor. This not a good thing because most of the time beans and cornbread were all we had. Crashing dishes and falling bodies would spice up; what am I saying that is a time I would rather forget. It would break my heart to see one of the new generation hit another. There a some bad feelings in our family now, that are just not mentioned in the presence of the crowd. These are mainly steaming from non-communication. I love each and everyone of them. I am proud to say that I really like them even if they don't like each other. I would love to invite more of my daddy's cousins to the holiday dinners, but one cousin might not be comfortable with the other. It is not that I have the greatest family in the world but I know that they would in a pinch forget any hard feelings if someone else was to mistreat one of us. My grandmother and mama really did not like each other. It was no secret. My aunt had a great reason to hate her brother's wife, but when it came to forgiving she was the angel many of of need to be. I like to think that I have the forgiving heart that she had. The aunt that I always loved so much gave to me much more than she did to anyone. She gave me her time and advise. I miss her so much. She didn't like everyone, but she loved me and that made me love her. It is hard for me not to like someone that I know really likes me. It is beginning to seem to me that best reason not to like someone; or love them is when they show you that there is nothing about me that they like. Loving them was easy until you realize that they don't like you.

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