May 2, 2013

Around This Town and Cleaning Lesson

The Counting Crows song is what I think of driving around these towns. Towns, being the Shoals; Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield and Tuscumbia. I am finally getting where the last three begin and end. "Tomorrow we can drive around this town. And let the cops chase us around. The past is gone but something might be found. To take its place. Hey Jealousy........ and something about, " I've been hanging around this town on a corner. I've been bummin' around ... I've been bummin' around this old town for way too long. We spent all day gettin' ... Around this town my most recent observation is the lavender that Ken has planted at Sweet Magnolia Cafe. It is even prettier this year than last year. The out of place looking guy that goes to Subway must be later than usual this week. I say out of place because of his skinny jeans, hat and converse tennis shoes. He is more New York than Florence. Phil, that frequents Freds and Subway was waiting in front of Freds, day before yesterday. The guy with the suit and greased hair was just past UNA. He reminds me of a cartoon character. I wonder where he goes in that suit. Across the street at the McDonald's my little man on the bench has not been there all week when I pass by at a few minutes to 8:00 am. I always wonder where he is. He may be like me and run late some mornings. The hoarders car was parked at that location yesterday. That car is everywhere, man. That is one of my main wonderings. It is a brown Lincoln, I think. I have seen it parked a street or two over on the street, in front of a house. In my mind I have decided this is where the owner of the hoarder car lives. It does not really surprise me too much that a car can get that full of trash. I am constantly when getting gas throwing stuff away. Some mornings when I get to work I stop at the dumpster. When my daughters were younger, I would tell them that they would get in the car with an arm load of stuff and never get out with nothing; finally there came the need of a clothes basket to tote all the toys and stuff back to into the house. They tell me today that I have changed to the better on keeping things neat. It is really hard to stay ahead of three kids and myself strowing. The fact I really know now is the time is short for the mess that you can not stay caught up on, there is time now. Sad part is there is too much time spent without them. They live too far away and are trying to do all the things that I did for them. Wonderful women they have all become; fills my heart with great joy. The youngest sort of has a hoarders car. Everytime I am with her I clean the fast food cups and stuff out. I am a tad snicky to, because I go shopping in her car. I help myself to a pair of earrings every now and them. The change in the floor is mine for the taking. It is not stealing, because she knows I do it. I owe my doing better cleaning on my Computer Science degree. It has helped me to think of the best ways to accomplish more. Doing things in an organized way makes a huge difference in the amount you can do in a small amount of time. I have gathered a degree along the way, and know it was a good thing.

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