April 16, 2013

Counting Sheep

For many years I have had this way of going to sleep. It was probably because I have always liked boys. It started out years ago with just boys I thought were cute. Then as I moved up in the world, it became boys I kissed. I started with the boys that begin with A and try to get to Z. Well there are not any boys that I ever kissed that begin with the letter I, so I just use a boy I knew with the last name Ingram. Then there was the A, for many years I used an Alex that I never kissed, but really wanted to. One day it came to me all of the sudden there was an A; not the first name but the second of a double name, John Allen. So now I had it an A to add to my sheep/boy counting to help me dose off to sleep. There is not a boy with Q either, but Guinn was the last name of one, so I use the Guinn for Q, because it sounds close enough. I have J's running out my ears, so the J's take a while. The last letters of the alphabet don't really matter because I am usally asleep before I get that far. Proving that the counting boys works as well as counting sheep.

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