November 8, 2012

My Help

I had five friends that helped me with my girls. The five friends were in addition to my grandmother, my mama, and my mother-in-law. I had a posse. I consider myself very lucky, now. My stories about my friends are entertaining, but there are some that include Mama and my friends. Mama lived in a mobile home across the street from me; she saw everyone that came in and out of my house. I probably get my jealous nature from her. She was more jealous of some of my friends than others. There were days when she did not like anyone. There were days when her mood was better and she was nicer. She was less crazy some days than others too.

She had a nickname for one of my friends that my daughters still laugh about. This friend came along when the twins were no longer babies. She was Black Bird to my mama. Mama would stand on her porch, jumping up and down squawking Black Bird, Black Bird. She did this most every time she pulled up; which was every day. She would come in and out, so the Black Bird song was heard often in our small town. The youngest to the three was really a bit spoiled. She was the pick of the three to at least two of my friends. She was a baby when Black Bird and I became BFF’s. This little girl did not like baths at all. She liked them when she was an infant, but as a toddler she was not happy to get in the tub. She loved to be babied. Black Bird was really great at babying her. So, to get my child to bathe I had a great friend that could sweetly talk her into the tub without a tear. This friend like most of mine could not stand a mess. She was always quick to run in and start picking everything up out of the floor. She came one day to visit and did so, for years. She was part of my family even after Mama chased her and Tony around the house with the hedge trimmers. This I did not see, but was told all about it. I had told them over and over; don’t tell me what I don’t know about is not going to bother me. I had really rather not have to think about all the stuff Mama said and did to my friends.

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