August 8, 2012

Great Book and Why

Old Friends
I read this book years ago. One of my dear friends is a director at the nursing home. On vacation this year the stories she told of the people there, reminded me of this book and what I have learned from the older generation. I suggested she read this book. I was guilty of thinking when I was young that after forty or so you were old. Old being that a social life or love life was not nessessary. It was perfectly fine that my parents and grandmother just stay home. They were to stay home doing what old people do. I am now way past forty and I don't want to stay home doing what old people do. This is one thing that my aunt; my daddy's sister brought into a great perspective to me. It was through her wonderful personality that I realized the older you are the wiser you become. The older and wiser; the more attractive and interesting many women especially are....
The Book is Old Friends, Gather it; get it hard copy, audio or Kindle. You will love it. Books are another thing that I have gathered knowledge from as I go through life.

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