June 12, 2012

Quotes of the Week

"I am a gay American, and I love you Jason Stackhouse."~~~Vampire Ken

Trueblood Season 5;  Episode 1
Pam in the Walmart Sweatsuit.......LOL Funny!
Vampires, you gotta love 'em!!!

"It is better to give than to recieve."~~~unknown
Giving money away has always been something I would like to be able to do. I came across this blog by accident. I was looking at Forbes richest Americans. Bill Gates it is said that he has given away lots of his fortune. I tip, the grocery store carry out boys. I gave once to a couple with a sign. It is truely better to give than to recieve. Let me phrase it this way; It is better to be able to give than have to recieve. Think of the times you have had to ask a family member for help, how hard it is to even get the nerve up to ask. Then you ponder over and over how to ask for help. You know there are going to be questions. What do you need it for? What did you spend your money on? When can you pay me back? Questions that someone in need really is embarressed to answer. The times I have been able to help, I try not to ask these questions. My extent of giving has not been great, but it really does make me feel good. I love to give to my girls just because. Friends that I know can't afford the extras like lotion, make-up, stationary, or a piece of costume jewelry are the most pleasing to give to. Then there is buying lunch for an un-employed friend. That is always a pleasure. Oh, it is a pleasure just to be able to by anyone lunch. I have had so much help along the way that I really owe my soul to the devil. One day maybe I will feel that I have repaid the debts that I owe. This another thing I have gathered along the way. It is better to be you, than it is to be me when "me" is needing help.

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