March 6, 2012

Home Treasures

What I miss most about my little house in Lexington. My solution for a real good cleaning was take and get rid of the not important items. Painting to me was easier than washing all the walls. This way all the furniture was taken out and the pictures were taken off the walls. The new color called for new accessories; lamps, pictures and what-nots. Color is what I miss most. Hoarding is something I could never be accused of; stuff is just stuff. Hanging on to junk is the most asinine thing that a person can do, in my book. There comes a time in an old house that things can not be cleaned they have to be replaced. I know this from living in old houses before. Shag carpet is making a comeback, this I know; but it does not need to be thirty years old and rotting. Maroon is not the only color in the world either; even if you do live in the land of the Crimson Tide. Have you ever noticed that in parking lots in this area, all the cars are colored to match their Alabama Crimson Tide Car Tags. Most all the cars in North Alabama are the colors that go with Alabama logo. I am not kidding, just look next time you are riding past a parking lot or just driving down the road. The cars are, silver, black, white, red, or maroon. The bronze color that my car is also goes with my Tide Pride tag. so I really don't have any room to talk. Back to what a house is supposed to be like. Everyone loves to go to the beach and rent a condo. When you arrive their are just the things that you need. Just enough pots, pans, dishes, towels, and bedding for one to make it. There is not clutter everywhere. This makes you feel good. Clutter can make the calmest person get a nervous jerk. Not having a place for everything is the time to start letting go. I must admit that I have lost some things that I wish that I had back. I gave my girls most of my favorite stuff when I sold my house. It does my heart good to go to their homes and see them loving my favorite things as much as I did. I gave to them the most precious things I had gathered along the way. My great-grandfather's coat rack, the sofa set with gold iron legs and arms, my antique vanity, and quilts that I can tell you a story about everyone. At one time I thought I will go to junk sells and find all I gave away when I sold, but that would mean I had a problem with things and I don't. People are much more important to me. Giving things is much better; it makes someone happy to just randomly give them a treasure. The treasures that someone has given me are the best I have gathered along the way.

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