March 6, 2012

Did Anyone Notice?

There was a couple sitting beside of Arby's on Saturday, with their dog. They had a sign made out of a cardboard box that said, "traveling need supplies". My daughter said they were there on Friday, also. That area is probably the biggest traffic blog-up in Florence. There are people trying to get to Target, Best Buy and the eating places all in one little area. They may not have been from our town, but they for sure chose a good spot for people having to creep by them. I am all for giving to someone who seems to be needy. I am really for it when it is easy to roll my window down and just hand them a bit of cash. Most of the time I don't have cash, but this day I did. I had one five dollar bill that was not doing me that much good. I rolled the window down and gave it to the young women. She thanked me and I craweled along with the traffic on my merry way. Hopefully my five bucks helped them; I can remember many times when five dollars was a blessing from Heaven.

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