February 10, 2012

Love and Food

Cooking a great meal is one thing my grandmother did for us, because she loved us. The hard times that she had seen I am sure is why meals were special to her. Having enough to eat during Hoover Days was something she talked of often. We even in the seventies did not go to the grocery store. We bought in bulk and from jars and deep freeze. Sunday dinner was special and made with Love. Cooking is one of the things I can do and do well. My friend told me when I met My, "cook for him and he will never leave." That was fourteen years ago. I really can cook, but make the biggest mess while I am doing it. The cat tells on me for dropping ingredients of what I am making into his water bowl. "Oh, no she is at it again, there is food flying everywhere." If a cat could talk that is what he would say. I get this from my grandmother. She could have Sunday dinner ready 15 minutes after she walked in the door from church, but the kitchen looked like a bomb had be set off. The biggest part of Sunday dinner was made that morning before, all that was left was to make bread. Cornbread was always piping hot. She made this chocolate pudding in a metal pan, that I have never seen anyone else make. Thick chocolate pudding with egg whites on top. That was always made after we came in from church. Slipping out before the service was not rude to her, because she had to get dinner on the table. My grandmother's words and actions to be were the gospel. She would get up soon as the song Just as I Am started to play. It was played by Opel Pettus on the old piano. She played the song by ear, but if that was the only come to the alter song that was played it was fine with me that is my all time favorite. In all the meals that I have eaten since her death I can't remember having anything better. The great meal was eaten with every cabinent door still wide open and flour, meal and potato peelings on the counter tops. Never occured to me why we did not clean up after her. Ask my girls today and one thing that hated to hear most growing was,"get in this kitchen and clean up after me while I cook.

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