February 9, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

There are so many things great about Valentine’s Day. This day is a day all about Love. Love is the greatest gift.
“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”~~Corinthians 13:13
Love in all parts of life can keep us going. Remembering that Gods love has saved me more times than I could count. Getting gifts being a large part of what you do for those you love; today I am not going to forget God must love me greatly, because his gifts have been many. One gift is that I can get up each day and make the best out of what he has given to me.
I think of how important love is in all people. The love I have and get from my children, family, friends and co-workers makes me as happy. My girls are way too old for Valentines; well maybe not? Anyway I get the biggest rush out of getting the perfect Valentine for each of them. The best part is signing each of their cards with:
Love Mommy,
You are my favorite,
(But don’t tell your sisters)
The greatest gift is love. Romantic love is what comes to mind on Valentine’s Day, Cards, roses, diamonds; and if you have not so smart Valentine a vacuum cleaner. I love roses and will totally admit expect them on Valentine’s Day. I may expect them, but that does not mean that I get them. The saddest I ever was when everyone in the sewing plants would get them but me. That day was the greatest even though I did not get them. My ex was not very thoughtful when it came to gift giving. What is really bad about that is I raised enough cane for him to get the hint; I expected to get flowers like all the other sewing machine operators. Hum, that may be why he didn’t send them, because I did bitch about it. My; that I have now will probably send me roses and I am not even going to have to ask. I am positive that there will be at least one on the table when I get home.
For sure, I have to mention the happiness that the list the teacher gave us every year. You know the one that had all the kids in the class, so you could give out those little cards. The best part of this was I could give them to boys that never paid any attention to me. I was really ugly, so ugly that some of them even came up to me and said, “You are so ugly, “and ran away. Good thing they ran, because I may have whooped ‘em. I had to even give them the little cards, darn. My grandmother could not let us participate in all that school had going on, because of the cost, but this was a teacher request and didn’t cost hardly anything for us to do. She got the cards as soon as they were in the stores. When I got the list I sat at the table using my best printing to fill them out. I picked the best boy cards for the cutest and the best girl one’s for girls I wanted to be my friend. I came to Lexington in the third grade so most of the girls already had best friends. In the third grade Kim was one of my best friends. She gave me milk and cookie money just about every day. I remember her the most. My cousin was in my class and was friends with the more popular boys; if third grade had that many popular boys. These were the boys that later became football jocks. My cousin always watched me and who I hung with. He would even tell on me if I got a coke and chips for confections. He knew that was not given enough change to get snack. Lunch was enough my grandmother figured. Where I got the money was always an issue, to him. Being honest I may have taken it out of my daddy’s pocket. This made Valentine’s Day my chance to get someone to like me. It really meant so much to me to be liked, because of how low I even in the third grade thought I was. I had been almost homeless and starving when we came to Alabama. Valentine’s Day candy was the greatest also, in the snack room at school there were the big hearts, Sweet Tarts, the sour kind. I always ate mine too fast or maybe too many. The tartness or something in them can make your tongue bleed. Maybe that is not the best memory, but they did. Then the little boxes of hearts that had messages on them. This was another way to say something that you would not normally say to a boy. Just run up to them and hand them a heart and run. I am sure that I got laughed at about doing that bunches. Hug me, Kiss Me, I Like You, I Love You are just a few of the things they said way back then. I don’t even know for sure what they say today, but I bet it is much racier than in the early seventies.
Love coming to us in so many different ways is what makes life so wonderful. My take on family love is when you leave always say I love you and for sure you have to hug them. A great squeeze/patting hug is the best. Pat on the back from someone is something we all need. I pat when I really want someone to feel appreciated as well as loved. It is always wonderful to on days that are not holidays or special to receive random cards or just a token gift of some kind. It can turn a day that has no love in it into a day that makes someone feel there is still love in the world. Just another few things I have gathered along the way.
“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”~~Corinthians 13:13
Even though the greatest is love don’t forget the hope and faith. Hope is what makes us strive for better happier lives. Faith will keep us knowing there is hope.

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  1. Beautiful remembrance as usual! The love you have for your girls shines brightly through each one of them when they talk about their mommy! Hugs and love !!