August 11, 2011

Still Pissed About the Thief Who Got My Kindle

Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Pearl DisplayClick Kindle to order your's. I am going to have to get me another one, since someone decided that they wanted to take mine from my car. I hope that they are really enjoying it. I can't really see someone that went from house to house in our neighborhood, getting stuff out of cars being a reader. I don't understand how they could even use it since it had my name in it as the owner. It really gets me how they just didn't leave it there. Someone that steal from cars surely did not even know what they were taking. I wish you would just leave it somewhere, maybe it would get turned into police and I could finish reading the book I started. It is going to be a huge chore for me to get another one and add all the books that were in it back. I am really mad as an old wet hen at you little thief. WTF?

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