August 12, 2011


My grandmother always said, "if you live your life and can count your true friends on one hand, you have done well.' This was something that at the time I totally agree with. Keeping in mind that most of what my grandmother told me I gathered in my mind as knowledge. At the time she was saying this I had the greatest friends in the world. The best thing to be able to say is counting your family as friends. Families seem today to not get along many times. Of the friends that I have had over the years I can count the true ones on more than one hand, because one hand was my family. My Aunt Faye was probably the best friend I ever had. My grandmother, my mother, my cousin and my sister-in-law have been better to me than most best friends ever. My grandmother and I were so close that many of our conversations were actually arguments. You can tell a true friend when you can fight with them and hug them when you are on you way out the door headed home.
Years and years have passed and the friends I had then are not so much a part of my life. She was probably right. My true friends that I rarely see now I can count the on one hand. I love them all and will always love them. Today as I was driving around at lunch it occurred to me what I would really want best for my big 5-O birthday was to have all of the friends I have lost touch with together for one night. This would be fun, but along with fun it would be very interesting. I have been friends with so many people since I have done just about everything as far as employment and socializing goes. I still meet friends on a regular basis. I just keep on keeping on meeting people that I find worth knowing well.
Whatever made me wear my grandma's glasses to kindergarden to this day makes my face turn red and make my face flush warmly. It had to be that several kids in the class were getting glasses. This made me once again want to be like every one else. My plan was to take Grandma's glasses and tell everyone that I had to get them too. This was not the smartest thing, because the teacher did not believe me for a minute. She was quick to let the whole class know that the glasses I was wearing were for an adult, not a five year old. What a mean ass women. She didn't have to tell that to the kids that I was trying so hard to fit in with. This little white lie didn't make the class want to play with me so much anymore. Come to think about it, that really did not matter much anyway, because school was out soon and I would not be back. Daddy finally was at the bus station ready for us to come to Alabama. I would just have to start making some new friends, that didn't know about the fifteen dollars, or my grandma's glasses.

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