August 8, 2011

Someone Stole My Kindle

Ok, I am on and on about how I love my kindle. Well, now it is I loved my Kindle.My Kindle was not always my Kindle. I borrowed it from my daughter in February. She let me keep it and keep it. She meant to get it from me in June while she went on vacation, but forgot. I realize that it is the way to read when your eyes are not so good anymore. My daughter and my friend that reads constantly e-mail each other of their picks for reading. My daughter e-mailed her one day for book suggestions. I was CC'ed on an interesting e-mail between my daughter and my friend. My daughter had told my friend that she had ordered her another Kindle and by the way Mommy, you are welcome. I really loved it more since it was really mine. Well now it is I loved my Kindle. I got up last Wednesday morning, went to my car and someone had emptied my glove box and the thingy between the seats. I think it is called a consol. Spelled wrong, said wrong whatever. I did not go back in to tell My, because I had failed to make sure my doors were locked. My clicky doesn't work on both doors, sometimes. I did not want to at 7:30 am to explain why both my doors were not locked. Just a way to start the day out wrong. The gas hand was almost on empty and I was sure there was over a half of a tank when I got home the day before. My just happened to be going down Woodward that day as I was going on lunch break to get gas at the Walmart in Muscle Shoals. He was heading to the same place. It was there that I fessed up about the car break in. Well, not a break in because I didn't lock both doors. He was pissed that someone was in our driveway going through the cars, anyway. He went home an filed a police report. A report that I didn't get to list my favorite thing on, because I did not realize all that was taken. Ok, I am glad that I had not left something valueable in my car. I am not so upset about the breakin. The week-end comes and I am in the middle of reading Water for Elephants on my Kindle. Reading was what I was going to do during a roadtrip. This way I do not have to listen to a ballgame that the radio station won't pick up. Amazes me how anyone can tell what is going on listening to a static filled station trying to hear a ballgame. Now really that is a love a ballgame. I really needed my drown out of the ballgame. My Kindle is always in my purse. I go to hunt for it and realize that I had left it in the car, because I needed to lighten the load in my purse a couple of days prior. I have a camera, make-up, books, and much more in my purse. There was no room for my lunch that I wanted to tote into work. I removed the Kindle, a hardcover book, paperback book and disks that had pictures from vacation on them. I was carrying them to pass out among the friends that went with us, as I saw them. Now on Saturday I realize that there was something valuable taken from my car, my Kindle. I loved my Kindle. To the person who has my Kindle; I hope you are enjoying it. I really hope you can read in between the cars you choose to prowl through. My name is in that Kindle. I got an idea maybe when it is your turn to be a look-out you can read my Kindle. I really loved my Kindle.

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