July 18, 2011


It seems that Tot Mom had to call 911 after getting out of jail She called telling the 911 operator that she needed help. There were people threating her life. The 911 operator let her know that they would be right on it; They would have someone out in about 31 days.
The way Asinine People Think

 Definition of ASININE
1: extremely or utterly foolish
2: of, relating to, or resembling an ass!

'Trying to be fascinating is an asinine position to be in.' 
 ```Katharine Hepburn

As I came to a WTF; conclusion this weekend.  Well not all by myself since I am really not all that smart,to figure anything out without help.With the help of a perfectly  (picture above) person that has never done  anything wrong. I now know how useless a person from a small town can be. Oh, yeah learning that everyone from Lexington is country bumpkins.  As I recall there was sunlight pumped in; Wait that must have been  electricity, the sun don't shine at night. We might as well be from Hotshot LA. I could have never figured this out by myself since I am really ignorant. I now know that I have little brains if any. It seems that since I worked in a sewing factory, I come from a less that glamorous industry doing this. According to some; (pictured above) car salemen, bankers, jewelry store owners, restrurant owners and hairdressers are better than sewing factory people. Let me tell you about restrurant owners. I have worked for three waiting tables. They are meaner than the average person. They come to own these fish places and think they are Donald F'ing Trump. I have been demeaned by all three that I worked for. The first one being an ex-in law uncle. Didn't help that my now ex was there washing dishes. I am the one that was scolded by the owner for wondering why the dishwasher (female also pictured above)was so concerned about if I was working on saving my marriage. The next one was always working harder than anyone in the world. Give me a break I had the darn mop at eleven o'clock at night. The next one was a power hungry women that once was a manager in sewing plant. She now was a fish place owner. Meanest women that ever lived. In the plants I was close to poverty. She knew this and let everyone in the building work overtime, but me. I was alone with three girls that called often telling me there was nothing to eat in the house. The then meanest woman alive knew I was getting calls from my hungry girls. Note: These girls grandmother and grandfather lived next door, and would not offer to feed them lunch or dinner. Then there was the yard, I now know that the reason my lawn mower tore up so often was my lack of brains. This being the case I am crying horse turd tears pulling the cord on a lawn mower that will not start. My girls great paw-paw was riding his mower as close to the property line as he could without touching his grandchildren's yard. Seems for some reason he didn't want his girls to live in a home with a yard as pretty as his. Without going into detail about what goes around comes around I will just comment a tad. The person that would not let me work over has a grandchild in jail for murder. The riding lawn mower is now a wheel chair. My girls are now grown and take them to the doctor, cook for them, and help them buy groceries. It seems my girls learned family is family. They look not at what they didn't do, but what they can do for them now.
Ya'll know what burns my but also; A candle about two and half foot tall. Well besides that; Name dropping, that is saying someone's name to make you look like you are BFF's.  That really is the most shallow thing people can do. Most of the time when they have never met the person. Even more the name dropped person, don't know the person dropping the name from Adam. Back to how I wasted my time working. The fact that I waited tables after leaving that nine hour day really makes me less than many some high and mighty people. I should have by now had a huge bank account. The three girls that I raised should have gotten brand new cars when they turned sixteen. I must have really wasted alot of money on food or something. The times that my house payment was due, I should have not went to the atm and gotten it on my overdraft protection. Man what a wasteful white trash person I was. I should have never bought the girls shoes or blue jeans. I would be rich by now. Then there was the money wasted on going to their ballgames. Cheering and Softball games were something that made them so happy. If they had not done that I would for sure be wealthy. It would be great to have to go back to that great time I had. Cleaning houses on the days that I did not wait tables after work. Oh, my I almost forgot the semester that I went to college at night. I missed a few classes, since I did the census in 2000. Oh, yes there was a Friday class missed, because the tips were better. Dang, blew that money on water bill I guess. Anyone who ever lived in Lexington knows that the water bills are more than most morgages. I wasted all that money I made too. Car salesman like lawmen that I should have mentioned in with the higher class jobs are similar. They seem to be attractive to the oppisite sex. Charm is probably part of how they are good at what they do. Selling and protective is appealing to the on the prowl population. Suited up in crisp Polo shirts or uniforms makes them irresistable. One's I knew where so full of BS. Bankers, hum too many around here to mention that lived on the, you scratch my back and I'll scratch your's style to even get me started. I am getting way off of what I started. Where all my great income went and how I wasted and could not manage.  I forgot about that four dollars that was change left from me going to the grocery store for my grandmother. I did this often for her. She went sometimes, but not everytime. I took her groceries in the house on my way to Rogersville to Skinny Dogs Seafood to wait tables. I changed the name somewhat. When I got up the next morning my brother was calling. He was livid that I had stolen my grandmother's money. I did not have a clue as to WTF he was so mad about. When he finally mentioned the groceries my not so smart brain realized I had forgotten to give her the change. I drove straight there and gave the money I stoled from her. She had him come as a witness that I had returned that great sum of money. There is another chance I had to be a rich women. Then again what did I do with that $230.00 dollars a week that I raised three kids and kept my home on, man I should be able to buy a motor home and travel the world. Note a bit a sarcasm in some of this, LOL!!! I am not having the best of days. Tomorrow will be better. In Scarlett O'hara fashion I am really going to worry about this some other time. Bury myself in a book, that's what I'll do.
Water For Elephants is on my Kindle, woopy!!!
I Love my Kindle!
My favorite quote of the past two weeks; well maybe there are two.

"You just killed my fairy godmother."~~Sookie Stackhouse
"You just drank the whole fairy."~~Sookie Stackhouse

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