July 13, 2011

I Love Quotes

To my daughter's that think I have lost it when I hand out my cards with quotes, I am doing the told you so dance. I am not the only one that loves quotes. To the daughter that say's Mom that's fine, "if quotes were not cool, there wouldn't be a quotesdaddy.com. Thanks, Noodle.
There are two great places to give out my quote cards. People that come to your yardsale love 'em. When they read them they always find a thought for the day. I also like to leave them with a tip to a waitress. Many times a quote is something you have thought many times, but just haven't put it into words. My aunt quoted one quote to me many times before I ever actually read this one. "All we are is a result of what we have thought."~~~Buddha
We really are what we think ourselves to be; the dumbest people can think they are the smartest. There are times when we listen to what others tell us over and over till we begin to believe what they say about us. That is why if you do not have something good to say just don't say it. This is true with children, for sure. Praise is the best gift you can give a child. If we all could read a great quote a day concerning how we should treat others and remember it in every minute situations the world would be better.
Another of my favorites is; "“There’s one sad truth in life I’ve found while journeying east and west-the only folks we really wound are those we love the best. We flatter those we scarcely know; we please the fleeting guest, and deal full to many a thoughtless blow to those who love us best.’~~~Wheeler Wilcox

To me this is how many are, they worry more about what the community thinks than putting effort into giving to the one's closest to them.

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