June 13, 2011

Kathryn Tucker Windham

Her story of the Chandelier Lilies was my Favorite. I never knew what these wonderful fall flowers were until I heard her story. Time to buy school clothes was part of her story She had the southern life down pat. Jeffrey's Favorite Ghost Stories was one of the first books I ever read. She got a lazy girl to realize reading was fun. I was greatly inspired to tell my stories by listening to her. To those who are not familiar with her works I strongly recommend them all. Her view on storytelling is just up my alley; not perfect/ok to make a mistake.

"The wonderful thing about storytelling is you don't have to be perfect," ~~Katherine Tucker Windham

"It's OK if you make a mistake. The audience doesn't mind that a bit."~~Katherine Tucker Windham

I am truly sad to hear she has passed.
God bless her family.

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