June 14, 2011


"It's OK if you make a mistake. The audience doesn't mind that a bit."~~Katherine Tucker Windham

Everyone knows how hard it is to find that perfect little, bum around dress. It is a tee-shirts dress. The dress is to be ready at anytime. In the summer it is the throw on when you get out of the pool to go to the store. It can also be the trip to the mall or picnic with friends dress. Cotton, cool with a small print or solid color. I found just the dress last year. My girls came to my house for Mother's Day. We had are traditional Garner Sunday holiday dinner; chicken 'n' dumplings and boiled cabbage with cornbread. There was of course Mac n Cheese, and Garner's stewed potatoes. All carboed up it was either take a nap or shopping trip. We opted to shop. I was so proud of my perfect little throw on dress. I rushed to my closet screaming for my girls to follow and check out what I was wearing for the trip to shop. Fashion police is an understatement for what these girls are; I ask for their opinion in fear of really being harassed by them. Both of the agreed that this was the perfect thing to bum around on a Sunday afternoon in; the perfect cotton tee dress. We all got into the car and headed straight to TJ Maxx. That is one of all are favorite stores. My search for the day was a swimsuit. I am a shop alone kind of a gal, so I was alone in the swimsuit section. One daughter in the housewares and the other in the gown department. I was all into searching for my suit when here they come in this huge rush to leave. This did not surprise me much, because changing their minds about where has the best stuff is not unusual. The odd thing was they did not want me to get the swimsuit I had decided on; one of them is always about me buying myself something. She says that I don't get myself enough things. UN beknowest to me it was that they did not want me near the girls that worked there. Being rushed almost dragged to the car aroused my suspicions. We left the parking lot and headed towards Walmart. It was at the red light to turn that the laughter began. I mean tears rolling laughter. Jess had been in the gown section and saw my perfect dress. My perfect dress wasn't a dress after all, it was a nightgown. My girls were laughing so hard they were crying. I really did not care, really I didn't. That following week was my nieces shower. It was an opportunity for me to spend the night out in the area I belong, Rogersville at my little brother's house. That morning was time to do something I love the best, sit on the great big porch, drink coffee and talk to his wonderful wife. I wore my gown as a gown, not a dress. My sister-in-law loved it like a dress. She loved it so much that she on her next trip to Huntsville stopped at TJ Maxx and bought her one just like mine and another different print one. She bought them to wear as a dress. She called me all tickled, because she planned to wear them to her daughters shower at work. Funnier still because my daughter works with her daughter. They now really think we have lost our ever loving minds when their aunt and mother comes to the shower wearing my gown/dress. Sighing now I realize that the gown/dress is so last year that it has become a just a gown.

Thought For the Day
"All appears to change when we change."

— Henri Amiel

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  1. You are so blessed to have your girls not as only daughters, but friends to have fun with and sisters to giggle with!!!