February 24, 2011

Dab of This and That Pancakes

Curious George Makes Pancakes
The Shoals annual pancake day is upon us. I always enjoy attending. It is a great place to see people.

The following pancakes that my mama made may not be the best pancake you ever had, but it is good, enough. We always teased Mama about her cooking and would not eat it unless we had to. She did have this pancake thing that she did for my girls, when they were little. Nanny is what they called her and to this day they talk of her with love and humor of the crazy things she did. She would really do any thing they asked of her. Fixing pancakes in strange shapes was one of them. She would pour the batter in and they would decide if it looked like a cat, mouse, tree or what ever.

1. Dump Flour in bowl (the bowl didn't have to be all the way clean either)
Mama never got the dishes clean
2. Break one maybe two eggs if you have them (no eggs use mayo)
3. Pour in milk to make it look runny enough for batter
4. Turn the eye on high with lots of grease
5. Turn it down before a fire starts (she really did not start a single fire)
6. Pour batter in hot grease and see what kind of shapes will thrill three little girls.
  *the hotter grease made a great dark brown black edge that added eyes and noses

As dis functional as this sounds, the pancakes Nanny made my girls will forever be a part of their memory of their not so normal grandmother.  Always remember the people you love don't have to be perfect. So what if the pancakes were made in a silverstone skillet that was flaking, Nanny still made unforgettable pancakes.

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