January 26, 2015

I Have Prayed all My Life

I don't know how I knew, but I have always known there was God. Maybe at five I didn't percieve God as God. I did have a sense that looking up there was something to help me coming from above. Praying, yes it works. I have prayed all my life. The first prayers were not get on my knees, prayers. Hopes and Prayers to me were the same thing. Hoping that Daddy would come home. Mama acted better when he was there. Wishing were more like hope that the house didn't burn when my daddy was trying to light heater. He didn't burn the house, only caught his sock on fire. At pre-school age I consider now that my hopes were really prayers. The house maybe did catch on fire a little because I ran in the snow to our, neighbors from Kentucky's house. They called the fire department. The white foam they used was there until they put all our furniture out in the yard. Once, I must have forgot to pray/hope, because the bankers still wanted Daddy to pay for the house. Thinking as a five year old would, or the way I did as a five year old that Mama and Daddy weren't doing such a great job I was ever so happy to go to Grandma and Grandpa's to stay. It was warmer there. My bed was dry there. So, now my prayer/hope was to stay there. I prayed all the way from Detroit to Pulaski, because Daddy bought the Greyhound bus ticket to the wrong state. We were going to Alabama not Tennesee.
I knew that Grandmother Garner lived in Alabama. Why would he take me to the wrong state. My prayers were answered Grandmother, Aunt Faye, Amy and Jennifer were there waiting. I got to Alabama from Pulaski thanks to my standing up, praying for 700 miles. The prayers never stopped. I had to pray that I didn't have to leave Grandmother's. I did once for 4 months when the house burnt. They sent us to Uncle Keith's. Daddy was supposed to find us a home and not go back to Grandmother's. This made me sad everytime I heard the grown-ups say it; so I just pray/hope again that we get to go back to Grandmothers. It worked. That is why I love to say,"I know that was you God, thank you."

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