October 2, 2014

It is Simple

Simple; get up go to work everyday and you have no time to fail, too badly. Feeling sorry for one's self is common. I have done it lots of times, still do. I want to be rich. My aunt always wanted to be rich. She finally was, then she died. Today my thoughts are with my brother who has done great. He is doing a great deed for one of us that has not done so great. There is great. There is good. There is getting by and then there is homeless and addicted. Seems the addicted and homeless expect alot from the family that has done great. Look at what you have and I have nothing? Really who's fault is that? The person who has done great? We were taught by watching, mainly to take care of family. That is maybe not such a good thing. Taking care and enabling are the same thing really. Jobs for the older of us are not going to be easy to find.

 My blogging has gotten me in trouble, only once. I still can't find what someone said, I said. It could have been a bad day for me. Being depressed and feeling sorry for myself is not out of the ordinary for me. Today I am ok, I wish I knew who thought bad of me enough to get me in trouble over something I wrote. I am really as nice as people think I pretend to be. I am really willing to take mean and go on. What really is wrong with that? Whoever you are I am sorry you think I am not a good person. I have gathered along the way to take is easier most of the time.

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