September 17, 2014

Happy Two Birthday's to Me

Most people who know me; know me well, have heard my two birthday story. I have two birthdays. One that my mama said was and one that my birth certificate says/was. My daughter is going to fuss about that last sentence. Ms. First grade teacher always wants to edit my bloggging. My mom was not wrong, maybe just lost the dates as she lost her mind. She could be right since it wouldn't be uncommon for the state of Michigan to make a mistake. As states go, maybe any state could mix a birthdate up. My mama always thought my birthday was August 31, 1961. That was the date we celebrated up until I was an adult. I liked it being that day, because it was the day before my sister-in-law. She was born September 1st. I wanted to be her best friend and that was a great way to have something in common with her. As the years passed maybe it didn't matter so much that I be her best friend since I wasn't married to her brother anymore. Then I got my birth certificate back and it said I was born on August 30, 1961. So legally, I guess my birthday is August 30th. This was good because I had a new best friend that was born on August 29th so I could have something in common with my new best friend. This is one of the many BFF's I have gathered along the way.

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