July 7, 2014

Miss Anne B. Harris

Mrs. Anne B. Harris was one of the greatest teachers, ever. She was almost animated in her sense of fashion. She wore wigs most of the time. Her costume jewelry was always the same color as her dresses. She wore lots of scarfs. Her small waist; for a middle aged women was great for a wide belt. Yellow was one color dress I recall her wearing. It fit at the waist with a wide belt, with a large buckle. The buckle was covered with the same fabric as the dress. She was older when I had her for history. I think she was eighth grade history. She was also my homeroom teacher at one time. Every outfit she picked was totally color co-ordinated. She was kin to some of my kin, that made me like her even more. I loved being able to say she was the sister of my daddy's first cousin's wife's brother. She did acknowledge the fact that she knew my family, and I loved this. It may have been why she took a personal liking to me. She was always quick to offer me life advise, not just teach me history. She probably knew much more about life than history anyway. She had out lived a husband and divorced one too, I think. One thing she said will always be my favorite, Anne B. Harris quote; "Never go on a date with anyone you would not marry." This was explained in dephth by her, in our conversations between classes. Teachers like her is why I think teachers should set an example for there students. Many of the things I have gathered along the way I gathered from the good teachers at Lexington Highschool.

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