August 8, 2013

My Only Fist Fight

I am really as nice as people think, I pretend to be. I am not just a suck-up. I know that many people think that if you are friendly that you are out for something, from them. I think the main reason that I am not mean is because, everytime I have been it really made me sick. I mean sick; it took me days to get over someone getting mad at me for something I had said. In highschool I had some run-ins with girls and almost fought. The only really, what you could call fist fight I had was with Tammy Garner and she was riding in the car with me, my brother and her brother. She mentioned something that I had done that I really didn't want her to tell my brother. We were on our way to Whitehead to take them home. She told the bad thing I had done as we were passing the Mandy Farm. My reaction to what she had told was to stop the car and whoop her butt. I stopped, got out and in the middle of the road we had a cat fight. It was not exactly a fist fight, more slapping. I hate to admit it, but I think she actually got the best of me. My brother and her brother laughed uncontrollably. They thought this was the funniest thing they had ever witnessed. After the fight, the laughter was now coming from all four of us. Tammy and I jumped back in the car and I drove them the short distance to Whitehead. We were over it by time we got in the car. Tammy was a great friend, but now as many life has happened and she is not doing so well. I pray for her to this day. She was really meaner than me as the years went by she got even meaner. If I were to see her today I am sure she would be very glad to see me.

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