August 8, 2013

I Really do Remember when JFK was shot. I was only two, but the images I saw on TV are still in my mind. That is one of the things family members say often about me, "how do you remember all those things. It really is easier for me to remember the passed than remember what I walked into a room to get. I really am thinking alot about my mom these days. She was a pretty lady. I was reminded of this at a gathering for Billy, my dad's first cousin's 80th birthday. One of her daughters mentioned my mom wearing a backless dress. In Northern Alabama that was unusual in the 60's. I was a little disappointed that Patsy did not mention as she had in the past that I had become a pretty grown women. My looks are something that have totally left me as I turned 50. I have gained weight. I have an image of what I used to look like and that image is not the one I see in the mirror. My dad told me often, how pretty I was. My children see pictures of me and tell me how pretty I was. They are surprised that their dad was lucky enough to get me; he had bad teeth. There are no ugly Garner's is a statement I say and have heard often. Pretty is, is pretty does though. Some of them were not so Pretty in the is department. Evil would be the word for some of the stunts they pulled. It is great to know the new generation has rose above evil. They are honest, hardworking, and loving people. Thank God that I was part of teaching my children that. They really have more integrety than had.

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