March 25, 2013

My Help

The fifth of my five friends I have waited til last to describe. She is the only one that is still a daily part of my life. I do not see her everyday, but talk, text or contact is daily. She is my sister; really brother's wife. She has been a role model for me in many things. She is outspoken, pretty and has a heart of gold. She loves my girls and me. She would do anything for me, if I needed her to. The great thing about what she has done for me is that sometimes she didn't do anything she let me make it on my own. I knew if I needed her and my brother that they would help. I am a better person, because they did not hand over to me what they could have. My girls are better because they were taught to not ask, just go out and get what you can on your own. There are way to many wonderful stories about the last, but not least of my five friends. I just got to pick one.I will do that another day; Scarlett O'Hara style. Tomorrow is another day to gather some stories along the way. Sometimes the heart is not all that visible to just anyone. I like the people that I think like me; it is hard for me not to. I have people that in my life I never see or spend hours of time with that I know love me. Then there a many best friends that I have had that have moved or have went in a different direction than me. I hope to touch on each one of them, I really have gathered a host of admirers along the way. I could be wrong, but it thinking you are loved is good. I can see the goodness in most and try hard to seek it out. I really do not know anyone that is perfect. My main objective in forming great relationships with others is based alot on how I think they feel about me. It is really hard to not love someone that you know loves you. I say love meaning that I basically have love not just like for many people. God says we are to love one another, so to me like is not a strong enough word for what I feel for others. I really mean it when I tell my friends, family and co-workers that I love them. I ran into one of my best friends from the Lexington Fabrics days on Sunday, at the mall. The sewing factories were basically a stab in the back/cut throat kind of environment. Forgetting a meeting that was organized by this friend is something I have not forgotten, but seeing her that day made me realize that saying I love you to her when I was leaving was what I should have done. She said it first actually and I know she meant it. There are really times in your life that you have a falling out with someone; hate them even and as time goes you forget what it was all about. Thus, I have said I didn't like them at one time, but I can't remember why?

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