January 15, 2013

Different Day

Today started different; just a little but, there were a couple of out of my same ole, same ole's that were different. It was cold and rainy; schools were delayed, making me wonder should I wait a bit to head to work. It didn't take me long to decide against that. I headed out, wondering should I go across the new bridge or take my regular route, by UNA. It takes longer, but I like the drive much better. There is more to see and wonder about; gather as I would call it. This morning the little bearded guy was not on the bench at the North Florence McDonalds. I guessed the rain had kept him in; I am then wondering where in might be? He had a cup of McDonald’s coffee yesterday and his grocery cart had several cans in it. I have often thought I should collect some cans for him. I haven't yet, but that don't mean that I won't. Jimmy Oliver was not on the radio this morning. That always makes for a different start for the day. Then there was the song 'Were Wolves of London' followed way too soon by, 'Bad Moon a Rising'; very close to the same song, kind of. I used to think that the words were "there's a bathroom on the right, instead of "there's a bad moon on the rise". Where is Tinker Boyd? He has been replaced with the T & G Auto Sales guy. Maybe I will get used to it, but that one of the deferent’s of today, also. He has been there for a few weeks, I think, but I am talking about deferent’s of today, today. This is like some people do, talk and talk and really say nothing. I have done that; really not said anything, but ramble a bit about a different day I gathered along the way.

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