October 17, 2012

I Ain't Scared

For some reason when we were children, adults got a kick out of traumatizing
 us. I had children before I had driven alone past the cemetary before you get to the Lexington dump. The reason for this was that my one-armed-great uncle told me over and over that Hank Brown; who is buried in the Sledge Graveyard, would ride to the curve with you. The cemetary is still there but there is not a caretaker for the old cemetary. The last time I stopped there the stones are still very visible and it is not grown up. It seems that after I had my girls I became much braver. Even as they were infants, just having other people made me braver. Natasha tells me today that as tough as I am now, she can never imagine her mother being afraid of anything. It was clear on a dark fall night when my friend and I were, as we often did, looking for our husbands. It seemed to the guys then that it was the cool thing to do; leave us home and go to their friends homes and hang out. Most of the time we checked the Hide-a-way first. That was the beer joint just across the stateline. We had been there, not finding our husbands. The next place was to check the person they were seen lasts house. This is yet another Bonnertown story. Appleton, Bonnertown, and Mt. Zion are the settings for many Halloween tales. I did not see any ghosts that night. I was not scared walking a quarter of a mile down the dirt road that lead to their buddies house. I walked, I checked and walked back to the paved road my friend dropped me. She was to ride to Bonnertown and come back for me; I think she decided to visit her mother, anyway it was some time before she came to get me. The time passed and cars kept coming by. It was the thing that when you were hunting your men, you didn't want anyone to know. So I hid under the bridge so the passing cars would not see me. It is midnight in the fall, close to Halloween and I am not afraid of the spiders or ghosts, more afraid that the guys would know that Denise and I had been spying on them. She finally picked me up, and to this day can not believe I was brave enough to walk down the dirt road at midnight, much less hide under the bridge in the middle of no-where.

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