July 31, 2012

This Saturday Corum Cemetery Decoration August 4

This is to remind people with family buried there to help support the upkeep of the cemetery. I for one forget about this date. I am good to remember first Saturday in May. The budget to mow the grass is getting slimmer. Brandon Corum sat there all day that Saturday in May collecting. If you have someone buried there it would be a great help to go by and give a few dollars. The second decoration of the year for Corum's Cemetery is the first Saturday in August. This is a strange time, to most. Strange to me too, I guess, because I always forget about it. We have placed the flowers already for the year in May. It would be out of the norm if I go this next Saturday, but I plan on it this year. I may not change the flowers, if they look ok. I will give Brandon some money now that I know that he is having a time getting enough just to have it mowed. Corum Cemetery is an old stomping ground for me. There are characters from my childhood buried there that I will never forget. It was a place visited even when it was not Decoration Day. It was a place we often visited just to check the flowers after a storm. There are people buried there; younger folks that are not educated in responsibilities to maintain the cemetery. If everyone that has someone buried there would give, the struggle to keep it up would be less. Remember Corum Cemetery this coming Saturday, August 4. A thing I have gathered along the way is to preserve the burial places of our kinfolk.  

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