April 16, 2012

Customer Service

I know that the customer is always right. The jobs that I have had required me to present great customer service. Customer Service is as simple as just being a nice person; the same as you are to be outside of work. Simple for some, because there are those of us that are just nice people. Treating people the way we want to be treated. The Golden Rule as an example; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don't get me wrong I have been guilty a few times of not being nice 100% of the time. Following rules should at times be based at times regarding the situation. Rules are sometimes made to be broken. This is part of my grey area philosophy; nothing is really black and white. This leads me to my "burns my ass more than a candle two and half foot tall", story.  On Saturday morning a couple have eaten at McDonald's. The elderly couple had gotten their drinks. Aren't refills on drinks at McDonald's free? Yes, I think so. OK, the elderly man and his wife are on the way out when the man thinks he will just take his medicine before he leaves. He goes to the counter requesting a small cup to get water to take his medicine. The employee says she will have to charge him .24 cents for the cup. The man as anyone would thinks that this is a bit unfair. He has already paid more for a drink than it was worth. We all do it, it is asinine to me anywhere that a drink with meal is almost $2. I drink water most of the time; not just because of the cost, but because water is better for me. Water is free, but this cup was going to cost the elderly man an additional 24 cents. I know that is not much, but what happened to just being nice enough to someone so that he can take his medicine. Rules are rules, but being kind to our fellow man to me is much more important. The man should not have even had that to deal with. Why add unpleasantness to any one's day if you don't have to?

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