March 14, 2012


OK, Whitney Houston was wonderful. She had all many people only dream of; what happened, perhaps just life is what happened to her. Seems to me that when people reach a certain age they just f-up. Middle aged people especially. In the midst of a mid-life crisis, maybe. I don't know, really, I am just an observer; trying to gather things as I go along. Funny thing however, Whitney had some problems with drugs and drinking. It was reported over and over again. She even made a fool out of herself on more than one TV interview. The one that stands out most to me is when she said, "crack is whack". At some point before or after that statement she had said something to the effect that they didn't do crack and gave the impression that she was too high class for that. OK, she made a fool out of herself during a national interview; making it basically clear that she has a problem. Now she has died in a bathtub and our media, other stars, and her fans immortalize her. Are we sending the wrong message about a problem that is touching and has touched many people today. The plain ole people, not stars, that have problems with presciption drugs are not treated in any way like the Whitney Houston's of the world. They are called pill-heads and have lost most of their family and friends, no-one wants to be around them. The people that have always been the closest to them are not trying to give them any help. What ever happened to for better or worse. It is like they use the problem to their own advantage. It really makes some people feel better about themselves for someone to fail. It seems that they even want their own children to know that a parent may have a pill problem. When a thirteen year old tells a random person that a parent has a pill problem, I think it had to come from the other parent; out to make their own partner look bad. We are sending the wrong signals; we should be willing to help that person. I for one am the worst to not step in and be honest with someone I think is doing wrong. I am afraid of them being mad at me, but that is not what I should do. I don't turn my back on people who are down, but I am scared to call and tell them the facts they really need to know. It is crazy how quickly a label can be placed on you, just because you make mistakes. We live in a world today that has an epidemic of abusing all kinds of things. I need to make up my mind to help and not judge, before I try to help people that I love. Stop turning away from them just because they get on our nerves. We need to remember that maybe we could help them back to the quality life we all deserve. Just normal people are not going to be immortalized like Whitney Houston was. They are going to leave us and we will wonder, what if?

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