November 15, 2011

Fire Alarm Four Year Old and A Wedding

  Getting ready for a wedding is more than a chore. It is very hard work. We all worked very hard to get my baby daughters wedding together. Her sisters and cousin planned for almost a year. They did everything a little bit at a time, to save as much time and money as possible. With all the hard work it doesn't matter the last day is the worst. Taking all the stuff to the venue and setting it all up. There is always details that are forgotten. The things we forgot were minor. The dresses needed to be steamed. This was not too bad, the grooms aunt had the steamer she brought. I flew in to the chore of steaming the dresses. The perfect spot to hang them was on the sprinklers in the middle of the large room at Founders Hall at Athens College. The steaming was going great. I took one dress at a time back to the restroom where all the girls were getting ready. I only like two dresses when the fire alarm started. The little read box that plainly stated Pull only in case of fire. To a four year old the red box with something that will pull out has got to be the perfect reason to see just what is going to happen if it is pulled. This is what happened on Saturday at the carefully planned wedding. As soon as one of my twin daughters heard it she knew that the phone had to be used to call and try to stop the fire trucks from coming. It was Saturday no one at the college to intervene so in less than 10 minutes the fire trucks pull up to the front of the building with the lights on and an ambulance to boot. As one of the groomsman put it, the wedding was now on fire. I am still at my spot steaming dresses when in walks the three firefighters. Good all they had to do was cut off the alarm with a key. Oh, but they tried every key they had without any luck. The alarm still rang for what seemed like hours. The wedding was at four it is now two, time enough to find a key. No problem the alarm had to be gone by show time. The time I seemed to pass it with uncontrollable laughter, that my daughter did not think was warranted. It was not funny at all to them. To make the unexpected firemen guests a part of the wedding it would be nice, I thought for the bridesmaids to have a photo taken on the firetruck. When they had left the building and were making their way back into their vehicles I caught them and asked would they wait a minute for me to get the girls. It was a great idea to them. I ran back to the restroom only to find that two of the dresses did not fit two of the girls. I mean not just a tad, inches. The firetruck is waiting so I run back to tell them, not the whole story, but that they were not ready, to just go on. The lead fireman said that is fine we have to go to the parts store, we will just come back in a half hour or so. OK, that would work. Now I have to go squeeze bridesmaids into dresses, before the firemen come back or the wedding starts. Those girdle bra thingies are great because I pulled them up under the two girls arms and with three of us pulling together and zipping we squeezed the zippers closed. This reminded me of how my aunt that always had the pirkiest tata's. She gave me a lesson once on how to lean over and pull all you had from under your arms and everywhere into the bra. In this case I just pulled it all up and it worked. Of course everything extra these two girls had was now hanging under there arms. In the meantime my sister in law ran to Walmart for shawls in case the dresses busted open. The shawls also helped hide what I had pulled up for them to squeeze into the dresses. She returned with scarfs for all of the bridesmaids. The black scarfs were put on all of them in different fashion and made the wedding attire more striking. The firemen returned and the photo opp of the day was completed. The wedding that caught fire was the most beautiful wedding ever. Maybe I will write the rest of the story later. The keys locked in the trunk, the one dress I got wet while seaming and hanging it in the tree to dry were mearly small things, but were also part of the day. I gathered from yet another wedding that Murphy's Law is a constant in my life. Reminds me that I have also learned to not sweat the small stuff. This is also something I have gathered along the way. Really there was no fire, just the truck and crew. I could not help but to laugh most of the time it was all going on; this really bothering the girls that did not think it near as funny as I did. Maybe they will soon learn as I have, not to sweat the small things.

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  1. I am giggling along with you Karla...what chaos it must have been that day!!! But....what a way to FIRE up a wedding !!! As everyone reflects back on that day , the firetruck visit, the dresses, etc... EVERYONE will laugh and remember that it was the best day ever!!! I know it was beautiful ...look at the women who got it all together!! Love , hugs and congrats on being a new mother - in - law!!!