August 3, 2011

Not In Kansas Any More

View from our room
 I say that I am not in Kansas anymore every time I am blessed with a new uptown experience. I always loved the Wizard of Oz, even though at an early age I was sort or scared to watch it without covering my eyes. I covered my eyes the same way I do now when I watch a really scary movie. The Wizard of Oz was not a bit scary, except for that wicked witch. I used to be and still am a little bit afraid of my own Shadow. I am not afraid of the dark as much. My vacation this year gave new meaning to Dorthy is not in Kansas anymore. I really was totally tickled to be there. I appreciate so deeply the opportunities that have came my way since I have met My. I have done things that many people never will be blessed to experience. Maybe I really didn't smile and laugh more than any of the bunch with us, but I think I did. I know I said many times this is so cool or this is awsome. Love it, I really loved the whole adventure. I am like a huge sponge that wants to soak it all up. We never know what life has in store for us and seizing the moment is something that everyone really needs to do. I also am reminded of the when in Rome saying. This is something I always remind myself to do. In the Bahamas Conk is one of the main foods eaten by the native people there. I like Bubba Gump talked of shrimp had, fried conk, conk fritters, conk salad, conk chowder, conk and conk and conk. Klick beer is the beer of the Bahamas, so I had a couple of those; Well maybe a few of those is more the truth. To get to my gratitude of this experience I always want to remember that I am much more blessed that I once was. OMG my feet were so scrubbed in that spa. I mean really. I have walked those sewing factories till there was nothing but one solid buneon on my feet. These feet are not even my same feet, really. This experience is coming from someone who not so long ago had to put groceries back in the store, because of a previous bad check that was written to feed my girls and I. The times that I came home from work to find the electric people ready to cut off my power where not so many years ago either. I have really so much to be thankful for. I still say a thank you prayer to God each night for giving me someone that makes a great effort to make my life easier than it used to be. Gratitude the one thing that most of us really need to make part of our being.

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