July 29, 2011

Life is Good

As I am almost to that monumental big 5-0, I find it hard to be as positive as I always was; For some terrible reason I have always considered that age as being really close to the end. I really did tell my youngest daughter recently, to put on my headstone these words. "I told you I was not well." I repeated this funny on decoration day at Corum  Cemetery to my little brother. He is not little or young, but will always be my little brother. He is only two years younger than I. Now at our ages little brother is just a term of endearment that I have always given him. He was very amused by my choice of writing for my headstone. His reaction was typical for the Mr. Reasonable that he always tries to be. With my never give up attitude, my mood has gotten better. Well not to mention a doctor's visit to make sure that I was not going to die very soon. The never give up attitude and being thankful for how far I really have come. Gratitude is something we all need to practice on a daily basis. It is really hard not to dwell on bad when that occasional depression that slips up on everyone comes around. Being thankful that we are able to enjoy life, family and friends is where I can find the most comfort. I have to thank God for giving me a life full of people who do more for me than I deserve. If not for help from the people who love me I would never be at this place in my life. This week I have just returned from a tropical vacation that many do not experience their whole life's. As a child I fished in ponds, creeks and the river. I always loved it more than anything. I was blessed to have caught a fish off the banks of Paradise Island in the Bahamas. It was a little fish. It may as well been a whale to me, I was totally thrilled to have just ride a boat in the Caribbean. My words often during this trip was, "Dorthy is not in Kansas anymore." I said this on the boat and in the spa where I had my feet scrubbed. This is another thing I have never done before. It is amazing how much someone sanding your feet down can help. Life is good, and I am going to try my best to live it with as much gratitude as possible. Giving the credit to God and the people that have made it possible for me to make it this far.

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