April 6, 2011

Another Did you Ever Wonder?

All Summer Long (Kid Rock)

I wonder does Kid Rock know that his song All Summer Long sounds just like the Three Dog Night song Werewolves’ of London? Well it does to me, anyway. If he knows the music is close, he probably don't care since it has Sweet Home Alabama in the lyrics. Michigan summers and Sweet Home Alabama. Michigan and Alabama; the two places I have lived. That's why, I wonder 'bout that song. I wonder lots of things. Keep reading to see what else I may wonder. You never know.

       Meaning of a Three dog Night;a night so cold that one needs to sleep while embracing three dogs. ...

Three Dog Night - 20 Greatest HitsAccording to some scholars, the expression comes from Down Under. Cowboys spend a lot of their time outdoors looking after animals. During cold winter nights when the temperature dips, the men often cuddle up with their dogs to keep warm. When it is slightly cold, they need the body heat of only one animal to keep warm; such a night is referred to as `one dog night'. When it becomes extremely cold, the men may need three dogs to keep warm. Such an extremely cold night is referred to as `three dog night'. This practice of embracing dogs for body warmth was quite common among the Australian Aborigines.

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